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The Range Rover Evoque

Yes, we want it
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 12, 2012
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There are a lot of things to be said about the Range Rover Evoque, about its new technologies for car freaks to dissect thoroughly, and a cornucopia of awards for the Rover line to slam on our tables. We will get to those things. But first: This new SUV is scintillating.

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It is so not merely in the way exotic cars excite us, but also because our nerves tell us that this car is about to pave the way for a new generation of SUVs—fancy, French-y name spellings aside.

Take a long good look at these pictures. From the front, the car sports the familiar Range Rover look. It’s big, and bold, and at the same time, oozing with finesse. Its sleek headlamps taper from the grille to the sides, as if it’s staring you down and challenging you to drive it if you dare.

In spite of its huge presence though, the car is actually the most compact Range Rover to date. It has a height of 5’5”, a width of 6’5” and a length of 14’3” which is 17 inches shorter than the next shortest model, the Range Rover Sport. The reduced dimensions should make this the sweetest Rover for the city, with a profile that’s clean, and cohesive, and...loin-stirring.

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The interior, as one would expect from the brand, feels expensive. It is marked by premium leather, and wood and metal embellishments. A pretty, pretty carriage, this Evoque is, so go ahead and list this one under “Cars we would trade an arm and a limb for.”

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