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Readers share their love letters to their beloved cars

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Valentine’s Day may be over, but as anyone who has ever shared a special bond with a car knows, the love doesn’t just last a day. We asked you guys recently to share a love letter to a special car in your life. Here are some of your best, funniest, and most tear-jerking responses:

Dear ‘67 Camaro, you were always there for me. Like a friend, you took me to school weekdays and Greenhills on weekends. Like a brother, you took me and my girlfriend to parties and malls. Like a father, you took my now wife and newborn son home. Not once did you fail me. But I failed you when I sold you just because I needed the money. I shouldn’t have but I did...and I’m sorry. I tried to find you but you were gone. But I will find you. I will try.” - Earl Manalansan

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“Dear Subaru WRX STI, alam mo para kang math problem, pag di mo makuha titigan mo na lang. Mwah.” - Mark Anthony

“Dear Bacon, your name says it all. I named you after the world’s most loved processed meat, and you have become my most loved possession. Five years na tayo magkasama, and never mo ko binigyan ng problema. Nandiyan ka pag kailangan ko lumayo, sakay lang ako sayo tapos drive na tayo kung saan man. Dalawang break-ups ko na ang na-experience mo, at alam mong sayo lang ako freely nakakaiyak. You have heard my joys and laughter. You also saw my tears. Thanks for being there and never failing me. One month na lang, official ka nang sa akin. I can’t wait. Love you Bacon!” - Mary Angela Sajona

“Dear GT-R, if it’s meant to be, it’ll be. Love, ADMIRER.” - Marc Agner

“Dear Hyundai i10, kahit phase out ka na, di ka pa din phase out sa puso namin lalo na sa ate ko. Magkasing chubby kasi kayo. Labyu mwah.” - Don Jardian Abad

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Dear German, I still miss you since the day you were driven away from me. I am still wondering if you were still given the same love and care I have given you. Still wondering if you still wear the same scent..... a scent of a sweet lady. I have loved you so much that I named my Honda Civic after you. His name is Junior....German Junior. Every time I see a sparkling brown Honda, I always check if that was you. I hope you are happy with whoever you are with right now. The last time I checked, you were sold by the one who bought you from me. I am sorry if he didn’t keep you and couldn’t visit you after that. Always be safe and hope all is well with you and your new companion. Always, JPE.” - Joy Escurel

“Dear BMW, I never want to see you again. You hurt my wallet so bad it will never be the same again. Xoxo.” - Mark Jurkiewicz

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