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WATCH: The Reasons And Solutions To Metro Manila Traffic

It's pretty simple when you think of it this way
by Andrei Medina | Aug 19, 2016
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By this point, we can all probably agree that Metro Manila’s traffic affects our lives one way or another.

The daily hassle it brings can range from small things like being tardy for school or work to not being able to make it to a date or a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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According to Sheila Napalang, director of the National Center for Transportation Studies at the University of the Philippines, one of the main reasons for the hellish traffic is the sheer amount of vehicles on the road.

“We can no longer sustain having so many private vehicles on the road. We will burst at the seams,” she told ABS-CBN in an interview.


Napalang also said that we also add to the problem instead of actually providing the solution.

“Part of the problem is people are so impatient and people don’t follow rules. We don’t follow loading and unloading; passengers don’t board where they’re supposed to board; drivers park where they’re not supposed to park.”

Listed below are Napalang’s four main reasons and their corresponding solutions:

Roads – We need sturdy and properly maintained streets for smooth driving.
Cars – There are just too many vehicles plying the roads of Metro Manila.
People – Both motorists and pedestrians do not follow road rules.
Institution – The government needs to apply innovative solutions to tackle the traffic situation while imposing its political will.

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Engineering – Build well-planned roads that relieve main thoroughfares from traffic.
Enforcement – Strictly enforce road rules to everyone.
Education – Teach the public about the importance of properly following road rules.
Empowerment – Involve citizens in reporting road problems and finding solutions.


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