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Never Worry About Your Car Being Roach-Infested

Don't wait until all hell breaks loose with your girlfriend
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For all the creepy crawling and/or flying insects in the world, nothing is more grotesque or irritating than the cockroach. All it takes for a room full of people to go from calm to total pandemonium is a roach doing some aerial antics. Now just imagine that happening inside your car.

Over a decade ago, I was driving with my girlfriend when a young cockroach decided to crawl up her leg. It took her a moment to realize that it was one of those nasty critters. When she did, all hell broke loose. Let's just say that evening didn't end as well as I hoped it would.

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Given this was back when I relied on the neighborhood car wash for all my cleaning needs, I thought that it was just one of those cases where it flew in the car when one of the doors was open. That is until I saw three more babies come running out from the handbrake slit after I pulled it up. This made me wonder if they nested somewhere in the car. 

With a flashlight, I started searching for their eggs in all the tight spaces between and under the seats. Lo and behold, I found a french fry (which appeared to have been nibbled by mandibles) and a few bits of bread in a very tight corner of the front passenger seat from one of my drive-thru runs. Not far from the food debris were the remains of a couple of cockroach eggs that looked to have hatched recently.


Instead of taking it to the usual car wash, I decided to tackle the issue myself:

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Step 1: I started detailing my interiors by doing a very thorough vacuuming of every square inch of carpeting. I also washed all my fabric mats, and I made sure I got into every crevice in my cabin, especially those hard-to-reach places (including the insides of my dash) as well as removing the rear seats.

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