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#Roadtrip: 5 Games To Keep You And Your Bros Entertained On The Road

It's the destination that counts, right? Tell that to your aching bum and bored-out-of-their-wits bros.
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 3, 2015
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We're now in March, and you know what that means: The season of exposed man boobs skin, sweat, and sunburn is upon us! Thank God it's (about) summer! #TGIS

As such, we bet you guys will leave the city pretty soon, whether to have a little R and R in some far-flung province or to bask under the sun and ogle the babes in a hip-and-happenin' beach somewhere.

Herein lies a small problem: The boredom that sets in when you've been on the road for hours. The dead air, your previously loud companions who have ran out of stuff to say and jokes to throw, the songs you've heard a shitload of timesit can get really annoying and, quite frankly, quite unbearable.

"But it's the destination that counts, right?" you say? Tell that to your aching bum and bored-out-of-their-wits bros.

To potentially save you from this problem, we've come up with a list of easy games you can play with your mates while on a long road trip. Because, when your iPods fail and sleep becomes elusive, a little on-road creativity can save the day!


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Popularized by the guys of How I Met Your Mother, Zitch Dog is all about spotting dogs first. When you see one, shout "Zitch Dog!" to let your opponents know you're the first one to spot bantay and the point is yours. You can set a point limit or you do it in two parts: the first while going to your destination and the second on your way back.

Spice it up: You can make things a bit harder by only spotting dogs of a certain color. Nope, the ones on posters and billboards ain't included.


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You probably know this one: You hum a tune and your friend guesses what song it is. Name That Tune is extremely easy to play since all you need is your stock knowledge on music. The first one to name five (or whatever limit you previously agreed on) songs correctly wins. This is also a nice excuse to have an impromptu kantahan!

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Spice it up: If you all know your music, you can set a specific hum limit (e.g. five seconds) to go from easy to expert mode.


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Similar to Name That Tune, Dugtungan is another easy game that makes use of music as a boredom buster. To play, sing a line from a song. Then, the other player takes the last word from the line and uses it to sing another line from another song. Wash, rinse, repeat. Saying, "Pass!" gives up a point to the other player who now has the liberty to come up with another line.

Spice it up: A tad too easy? Then only use songs from a specific genre!


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Here you pick one letter (or a number if you're feeling a bit adventurous). Then you and your opponents have to name a movie that starts with that letter by turns. A point for every movie named, which means passing up often is a no-no.

Spice it up: Yep, this game isn't just for movies! You can do it for songs, food, books...the sky's the limit!


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The idea here is to be the first one to spot license plates ending in zero all the way to nine. The first one to complete doing so wins! We have to warn you though: This game can take a long time if you're on a rarely-traveled path as you'll see fewer cars on the road.

Spice it up: You can do this in reverse and instead spot license plates starting with the letter A all the way to Z. Just prepare to spend hours doing so.

Enjoy your trip, everyone, and tell your driver to always keep his eyes on the road!

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