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This Robot From Yamaha Can Drive A Motorcyle On Its Own

Like Masked Rider Black...but blue!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 22, 2016
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The impending robo-pocalypse made great strides when Yamaha unveiled their self-driving automaton, the Moto-Bot.

First unveiled in October at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Moto-Bot is described by Yamaha as an “autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid.” In other words, it's a human-like machine that's capable of driving motorbikes. It's hunched in a way that Moto GP racers do as its robotic implements control the throttle, the brake, and the clutch, while maneuvering the bike safely. At this stage, the robot still makes use of balancing tools much like we all went through training wheels.

The robot's goal? Not world domination, apparently. The Japanese bike manufacturer aligns their goals of developing a self-driving robot with all the other companies developing autonomous driving technologies today: to improve driving efficiency and road safety. Motorcycles have long had a spotty reputation of not being the safest rides around; we'll see what sort of difference this guy can make.

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So far, Masked Rider Blue has shown some pretty decent riding skills (and a very, very creepy voice that declares, "I am Moto-bot. I was created to surpass you.") We hope you know what you're doing, Yamaha and SRI.



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