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Should Your Vehicle Be Tough Or Smart?

Car enthusiasts weigh-in if a ride should be pang-porma or all about performance
April 24, 2017
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A man’s ride can tell you about who he is. What he chooses as his daily driver can show if he’s sporty, a techie, a family man, an off-roader, or simply practical.

But when it comes down to it, men are always torn with this issue: when it comes to choosing what to drive, should your car look tough or be smart to withstand the rigors of your driving needs? We posed this question to car enthusiasts to find out what essentially makes a vehicle just right for their consideration. Here’s what we found out based on their responses.

“A car should be a bit of both. It has to look maangas, but at the same time it has to withstand things like potholes. That’s why I drive a pick-up truck.” – JV, 35, Businessman

“It has to be comfortable to drive and ride. Bonus na lang yung looks. But essentially, it has to ride smoothly over different conditions.” –Jason, 25, Account Executive

“I like a vehicle that rides smooth on city roads but can withstand the occasional rough terrain. That kind of versatility together with sporty lines on its exterior is a killer combo,” Raf, 27, BPO Employee

“It has to be a looker but it also needs to clear our lubak-lubak roads,” Joey, 29, Bank Executive

“A good vehicle with safety tech features will always be top of mind,” Gino, 23, Stock Broker

“I want my ride to look modern. Sleek lines, nice headlights, and sporty wheels!” – Albert 31, Nurse

“The best vehicle will be something that can thrive in both long road trips and the daily city grind.” – Reggie, 33, Surf Shop Owner

What car enthusiasts agree on is this: a great vehicle has to be the right mix of looks with the versatility of being able to last in the toughest of conditions. When choosing a ride, you need to keep in mind your daily needs and unforseeable situations that you might have to negotiate.

Looking for a ride that ticks the right boxes? Then check out the Nissan Navara. Sure it’s a pick-up truck, but it rides smooth on both paved roads and off-road. Its sporty exterior, with fluid lines, prominent front grille, headlights, and 18-inch alloys give it a tough stance. 

Inside, its plush seats and interior trimmings make your ride every bit comfortable. Cubby holes are in the right spots for practical use and all the dashboard controls are easily within the driver’s reach.

With safety tech features such as Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Brake Assist, and Vehicle Dynamic Control, it’s a truck that is truly built for both worlds: it thrives in the rough of the outdoors and also adjusts to the urban needs of city driving. To find out more about the Navara log on to Nissan's website