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This Might Just Be The Solution To The Country's Traffic Woes

Warning: Not for those who have acrophobia, or fear of heights
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 27, 2016
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For most Filipinos, being stuck in traffic is part of their daily routine.

Except for stay-at-home folks, all of us know that there's no such thing as "rush hour" these days, with what has become as a perpetual gridlock in major thoroughfares. Amid useless apologies and seemingly irrelevant measures, motorists and commuters still bear the brunt of clogged-up roads.

Even the candidates at the recent presidential debate haven't made a concrete pitch to alleviate this societal pain.

With the great deluge of brand-new vehicles (Thanks, affordable car loans!), combined with the snail-paced road-widening efforts, even a revised rule book on land travel will be for naught.

On the other hand, authorities keep on mentioning the improvement of mass transit, but what pops up on the news are train breakdowns and long queues in stations.


Perhaps what we need to do is to think out of the box and take cues from other places, like this particular city in Bolivia. In 2014, La Paz launched the gondola system Mi Teleférico to ease its worsening traffic situation, which stemmed from issues eerily similar to us.

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Today, the world's longest and highest urban cable car system, which has three lines, accomodates 76,000 commuters per day.

Check it out:

Calling the Department of Transportation and Communications!


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