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10 Reasons Why Off-Roading Is So Tunay-Na-Lalake

Smooth roads are cool, but the great outdoors is where it's at!
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 13, 2013
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Some of us have a fascination for the finer things in life.

Take cars for example. It isn’t rare to find the common man dreaming of a sexy, sophisticated ride such as a Maserati, or if that’s too dreamy, then maybe a luxury sedan from Mercedes or BMW. Indeed, machines of exquisite design are the stuff that dreams are made of.

This isn’t to say, however, that for a car to be considered “fine,” it has to say within paved boundaries. Consider the cars featured in Top Gear Philippines’ special off-road supplement called “Some Like It Rough: The Ultimate Guide to Off-Road Motoring.” Braving the country’s toughest terrain in a squad made up of Ford vehicles, Top Gear took the road less traveled in this one and returned home with nary an incident.

For us, any tough car that can talk the talk, and walk the walk are fine cars in their own right though they tread a different course. To read more of Top Gear’s off-roading adventure do check out their November issue.

Along with the supplement, Top Gear’s “Some Like It Rough” microsite is also now online where you can check out history’s most iconic off-road vehicles, the most breathtaking off-road destinations, and the level of care needed to take care of such rough-and-tumble rides.

Now before you do, however, do check out our list below where we give 10 of our own reasons why riding off the beaten path is a hobby for a tunay-na-lalake.

1) It breaks rules.

                                                             "Bridges? We don't need no damned bridges!"
Tired of stoplights? U-turn slots? Pedestrian lanes? In the outdoors, no cops are lurking in the corner to give you a violation. You can just go and drive. Of course, be wary of the flora and fauna that surrounds you!

2) It feels like you’re riding a bull.

                                                                    Your tires are bound to get a beating.                                                   
It's thrilling to go fast on smooth roads, but traversing rocky roads and all sorts of terrain is a different kind of rush altogether. It's like going on one of those bull-riding machines without having to worry about some clown who'll suddenly kick things up to throw you off.

3) It’s a rollercoaster ride that’s free of long lines.

                   Some roads go up, and some roads will have you barreling down a narrow dirt road.

In extreme cases, your ride will go through stretches that will really have your balls shooting past your stomach--like a good rollercoaster does to you. It's in these moments that define an offroad trip's true fun.

4) Off-road vehicles are no-nonsense beasts.

                                         Nothing to see here folks, just a pickup truck admiring the scenery.

No spoilers, no fancy graphics plastered all over the car, and no gimmicks. Off road cars are built with little else but performance and durability in mind--just like we like it.

5) Off-road vehicles are no-nonsense beasts...but don’t look drab at all.

                                          What an offroad car looks like before doing any real offroading.

Of course, that isn't to say that it doesn't have to look fancy!

NEXT: Finally, you have reason to shut your annoying GPS up!

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Photos by Beeboy Bargas and Alfred Mendoza for Top Gear Philippines
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