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Subaru Forester

Demands utmost concentration when you hit cruise control!<br />
| Oct 16, 2006
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Narcolepsy is not an option when you drive a Subaru Forester.

Given, this abnormal sleeping condition is dangerous in any driving situation—narcoleptics suddenly fall asleep, without warning, anytime and anywhere, including behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. But with the Forester, the odds of a snoozer screeching his way to the next life is increased tenfold. All because of a high-end automotive technology the Subaru boys have blessed the Subaru Forester all-wheel drive sport ute with, called “cruise control.”

Cruise control lets you maintain speed even if you let go of the gas pedal, allowing you to do a lot of other things apart from, well, cruising and enjoying the sights—cross your legs, sit in the lotus position, smell your foot, tickle your girlfriend with your foot, a lot of things—then go back to normal driving when you hit the brakes.

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