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The All-New Mazda BT-50

Arguably the gentlest among the pick-up brutes
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 22, 2012
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Pick-ups aren't exactly known for their finesse. Hell no. They're the grunty, beefed-up bouncers of this piston-powered industry, designed to haul around the asses of their presumably likewise rugged drivers along with the huge delivery of eggs shaking in their crates at the back.

Or maybe we’re a little behind the times, and this macho image of the pick-up has long been deflated. Perhaps we’d be smart to look at Mazda’s All-New BT-50 pickup—with our monocles on, no less—and inspect how it proves that, even for cars, smart really is the new sexy.


But even without monocles, the BT-50 doesn’t look like an ordinary pick-up. Check out its face: it’s strong and confident, and not boring at all, fusing familiar Mazda design cues, including an evolved version of their five-point grille. The diamond-shaped headlamps and front fenders (Mazda calls ‘em "Dynamic Prominent Fenders") smoothly flow towards the back fender for an altogether cohesive appearance. A “sophisticated beast” its designers call it, which is something we’re not about to disagree with, given the car’s look-at-me-or-else personality.

That fancy little “sophisticated beast” paradox is further justified by the car’s performance. The BT-50 provides powerful diesel engine choices at 2.2-liters (available available at both 6-speed manual transmission and 6-speed automatic) and 3.2-liters (6-speed automatic only). The 2.2-liter variant delivers 150 horsepower at 3,700rpm and a maximum torque of 375 Nm at 1,500-2,500rpm; the 3.2-liter produces a class-leading 200 horsepower at 3,000 rpm and 470Nm at 1,750-2,500rpm. But don't let those manly numbers fool you, for this one's also a versatile drive that provides smooth cruising on highways and enough pull on twisty, uphill roads. The smoothness of its ride and its silky shifting is made possible by the Active Adaptive Shift (AAS) and Sequential Shift Control (SSC) technologies, previously introduced with the Mazda6. The suspension and in-cabin noise and vibration reduction features have also been delicately tuned to provide passengers a less balls-shaking-while-travelling experience.

This pick-up's insides also has the breathing room of a passenger car and, at the same time, a cockpit that’s snug, sporty, and makes one feel in total control. Black dominates but to spruce things up, silver elements on the door trim, floor console, and shift knob, prevent things from being too bland. And for entertainment, all models have a radio, MP3-compatible CD player and AUX socket as standard features, along with a multi-function display for audio operations. High-performance, 6-inch door-mounted speakers complete the BT-50's capable multimedia package.

And so we daresay that the BT-50 is perfect for the off-roader who secretly wishes for less butt bruises. Expect the ruggedness and power synonymous with pick-ups and the sweet, comfy ride often provided by sedans. Egg crates not included.

The all-new Mazda BT-50 is now available in three variants: the 2.2L Mazda BT-50 4x2 with manual transmission goes for PhP 1,300,000; the automatic transmission is at PhP 1,350,000; the 3.2L Mazda BT-50 4x4 with automatic transmission is priced at PhP 1,490,000.

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