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The Cars that P-Noy and Other World Leaders Drive

<p>Yeah, the perks of being a president</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Jan 20, 2011
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So President Aquino bought himself a second-hand white Porsche last Christmas. Big deal.

Aquino reportedly paid over P4.5 million for the pre-owned Porsche, one which he had to apply a loan for, and sell his old personal BMW to buy.

P-Noy’s crew also insists he bought the sports car using his own money.

Now the people are deeming this car purchase as a somewhat insensitive move from the President, much like when former president Gloria Arroyo allegedly spent a hefty amount of money for a nice dinner overseas.

Issue or not, everyone, even the President, is entitled to their own level of luxury as long as it’s clean money. While it might deem a sensitive topic for the poor, we do believe Aquino’s made enough money for himself.

But come to think of it, P-Noy’s second-hand Porsche is just a pickle compared to what other world leaders are riding with these days:

President Barack Obama of U.S.A.
The American president’s limo has car parts identical to other models such as the Escalade (headlights), Cadillac STS (grille and tail lights), and the GMC Topkick Pick-up Truck (wheels and tires). It has an 8-inch thick armor plate doors and an advanced fire-fighting system, pump-action shotguns, night vision cameras, and tear gas.

Chancellor Angela Markel of Germany
The German chancellor is riding a BMW 750i, based on the fifth generation of BMW F01 vehicles that came out in early 2009. This four-door sedan type of vehicle is a full size luxury car, with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The chancellor’s car is probably the bulletproof version as well.

Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain
The British PM is riding a British-made Jaguar XJ, a luxury sedan first made back in 1968. The latest incarnation of the Jaguar XJ is longer and looks much bigger than its predecessors. It also has a more aggressive appearance, with sleeker lights and larger and squarer grilles.

President Hu Jin Tao of China
The Chinese president is riding the Hong Qi luxury car produced China’s own First Automobile Works (FAW). While domestically produced, this vehicle now has five generations to display. The president must be using the 2009 Red Flag version, originating from the Toyota Crown Majesta.

President Felipe Calderon of Mexico
The Mexican leader is going macho with the Hummer convertible, a now-defunct brand of vehicle caused by General Motors’ bankruptcy a few years back. In no way is the Hummer convertible comfortable, but the vehicle has maximum mobility compared to other SUVs.

President Lee Myung-bak of South Korea
The South Korean president has gone the western way with a Cadillac Brougham D’elegance limousine, made between 1987 and 1992. Based on the classic Cadillac Eldorado, the Brougham is its four-door counterpart. Only 230,000 units have been made during its 5-year production.

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