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The Mazda 6 Wagon Is Idiot-Proof—A Shield Against Manila’s Carmageddon

Its solid exterior and reliable safety features are designed for maximum comfort
by Anton D. Umali | Nov 25, 2017
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Most modern cars now have advanced technology that can make both the driver and his passengers feel safe. As a casual motorist (and by casual, I mean someone who isn’t savvy when it comes to understanding what’s going on under the hood of an automobile), it’s important that while I’m behind the wheel, I feel confident slashing through pavement. With carmageddon in this country nowhere near being resolved, navigating Manila’s congested roads is like going into battle—you need to be ready for the assault of speeding buses, hurrying commuters, and grade-A a-holes who feel as if they can break all the rules in place (we’re looking at you, Maria Isabel Lopez).

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In this day and age, it’s imperative to have a steed that shields you from all the aforementioned elements. Case in point: The new Mazda 6 Wagon—an idiot-proof vehicle whose solid exterior and reliable safety features are designed for maximum comfort.

One unique feature that stands out is the Mazda 6’s sensors, which have the capacity to notify the driver of any obstacles that are in the vicinity. This made parking and winding through tight side-streets easy enough that, even if the car is quite wide, there was no need to worry about accidentally grazing a wall or nearby vehicle. Idiot-proof.

Mazda Philippines

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If driving around the urban jungle with the Mazda 6 Wagon enabled a sense of protection, taking it out of town was a different story. With a long-weekend just around the corner, I was able to cruise with ease towards Anilao, Batangas for a chill vacation with my fiancée and some friends. Its spacious interior allowed for our luggage (which included a huge cooler filled with beer and meat ready to be grilled, of course) to sit pretty as the relaxing drive took place.


Despite looking heavyset, its hatchback-like behind protruding for an elegant yet sporty aesthetic, maneuvering it on the highway that led out of our cramped metropolis felt uncomplicated. Not one to drive wagons on a regular basis, compared to a sedan, my driving intuition seemed more in tune with the Mazda 6. Reaching our destination had become a breeze, because the features that seemed to be tailored for daily use worked just as well for a spontaneous excursion.

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When our trip was finally over and we had to bid farewell to a short-but-sweet timeout from reality, I didn’t feel afraid of heading back into the city. I felt that the Sports Wagon that had gotten me here had my back, looking out for me until I made my way home.     

The Mazda 6 Wagon is on sale for around P1,845,000   

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