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Soon, Cars Will Be Able To Master Your Driving Style

Plus, all the other interesting car innovations at CES 2017
by Tanya Umali | Jan 10, 2017
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Smart vehicles will take over our roads soon enough. Automakers are now exploring the possibility of manufacturing different types of futuristic cars such as self-driving automobiles and even artificially intelligent vehicles.

During this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, car makers got the chance to display what the future of our roads will look like.  

Here's a breakdown of the most innovative and smart features from the show:

HoloActive touch system

Soon, those knobs and panels in our cars will disappear and will be replaced by a touch-sensitive display. Thanks to BMW's HoloActive Touch system, we'll be able to control our future cars with the use of finger gestures.

FYI, the technology of the HoloActive Touch system uses air so that the user could feel like they're touching a button and not a screen. 

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Facial recognition

Apart from safety, Chrysler's Portal minivan will use facial recognition in order to adjust to the driver's musical, lighting, and temperature preferences. The cameras built in the car can also be used for selfies. It's actually aimed to suit the prefernce of millennial drivers so there's no need to wonder why they included a selfie feature in the vehicle. 

Hi-tech interior

Another one of BMW's concepts is the possibility of cars having an entire entertainment system for passengers at the backseat, large display screen for watching movies included. If you're not into movies, why not read a book from the bookshelf under your seat? 



Having a digital assistant on smartphones proved to be quite useful throuhh the years, which is why Ford decided to include Alexa, Amazon's voice service, in their electric vehicles. It's pretty simple, just talk to Alexa and ask her to do things for you such as lock your car, play audibooks, or turn on the lights. You can even sync it with the Alexa installed in your home if you have one. 

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Artificial Intelligence

Now, since Alexa only does what you command, Toyota has Concept-i, with artificial intelligence called Yui. Yui is capable of reading human emotions and can learn the driver's driving style. The system can talk to you or turn on the radio when you're feeling tired or sleepy to help you avoid road accidents.

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