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The New Toyota Supra Has Been Revealed At Last

Here's the big bro of the 86
by Ash Mahinay | Jul 13, 2018
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The Toyota Supra is probably best known as Paul Walker's "ten-second car" from The Fast and the Furious, but it's also one of the most legendary Japanese sports cars ever—due in part to its 2JZ straight six engine, which could handle ungodly amounts of horsepower.

Photo by The Fast and The Furious
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The Mk.IV, or fourth generation, Supra was the one featured in the film, which came out just a year before the car ceased production in 2002. In 2014, Toyota released the FT-1 concept, which immediately triggered car guys everywhere because it couldn't be anything else but a Supra sequel.

Photo by Toyota
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Toyota then proceeded to do nothing but cocktease us until March 2018 at the unveiling of the GR Supra Racing Concept, which looked suspiciously close to an actual car—you just had to use your imagination to subtract all the racing bits and livery to see what the fifth-gen Supra would look like. This week, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Supra finally made its first public appearance:


Ok, so it came in an even more obfuscating wrap job, but it's the first time the car was driven for public consumption so we'll give them a break. Co-developed with BMW in the vein of the half-Subaru 86, it'll be powered by a true to its heritage inline-six engine which is a rarity in the sports car world nowadays.

It'll have a sort of twin brother in the form of BMW's new Z4 but we except this and not the German to create mad amounts of hype and insta sell-out locally (Toyota Philippines can't not sell this) when it releases in 2019!

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