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The Toyota 2012 Avanza

Learning a thing or two about style
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 19, 2012
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The words “excitement,” “passion” or “fire” rarely ever comes into the conversation when talking about multi-purpose vehicles. Nor has there been any need for one to be anything more than a daily driver that’s practical, convenient and comfy. Just take a look at the newly launched Avanza. It’s a city ride that neither screams for attention nor requires the kind of maintenance that would have you pulling the gear stick out of its cradle. Only this time, it’s spiffier and fancier looking.

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Like a boy who’s learned that a little dress up can never be too bad, the all-new Avanza ditches the dullness to make way for some swag. It’s bound to turn more heads now as it features a bolder, V-shaped look. A quick glance, and you might say “Hey, something’s different, something’s new with you.” That is when you’ll see that yes the Avanza has changed, and all for the better: its bumper and headlights show a little more bite, its fenders have learned to be a little bit bolder, and its grille has been updated to match its sisters in the Toyota lineup.

It’s the inside that counts they always say, and as the Japanese carmaker would have it, the Avanza’s interior has been redesigned for a more sophisticated feel. As notes, “gone is the 1980s-like feel,” swept away by the new, “silver-like trim on the steering wheel, aircon vents, door panel, transmission and integrated audio system.” A wider cabin, ample leg room, and overhead aircon vents for second and third row passengers should ensure an easy ride.

The talk in the industry surrounding the Avanza is that it’s attempting to take a bite of the subcompact market. Whatever the case may be, the improved aesthetics and more upscale look of the new model should help it sell more. Because hey, pretty is always part of the equation for majority of consumers.

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Toyota retains the 1.3 and 1.5-liter engines of the older Avanzas, but has tweaked them to become more fuel-efficient. Gas prices don’t look like they’ll be coming down soon, so hearing about improved fuel consumption is very nice to hear. Like the engines, the transmission options for the new Avanza remain the same: a five-speed manual and a four-speed auto. 

The new Avanza looks to be just as reliable and as manageable to drive. With the improved looks, anyone looking for a new car for the family could definitely find worse options out there.

Click here to check out Toyota's Avanza page for pricing and dealership info.

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