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The Vroom Bikini Special: Brandy Gier

<p>A car and a babe in a bikini. Always a good combo.</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | May 26, 2011
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Cars and babes? Always a potent mix. Especially when the lady's as intoxicating as Brandy here, and the car she's paired with is a 1973 280C Benz, a true German classic.

Both are classy, and both have the qualities that make it easy for them to draw lasting, nodding glances from the crowd--the girl with her natural allure, and the car with its enduring appeal, as can be expected from the luxury carmaker.

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In this summer afternoon though, there wasn't any crowd to speak of. Just her, and Paolo, the photographer, who prayed to the Gods that the sun be merciful in this shoot. And should you happen to have the initiative to, oh we don't know, check out that girl posing in a bikini in the gallery below, wouldn't you say that his prayers were heard? 

Let us explain ourselves first before you proceed. We've got our Online Babe, and the 100% Hottie, so what's another babe doing here in the Vroom section? Surely, you're not complaining, are you? But think of it as FHM's Summer Farewell Bikini Appreciation Special. In any case, don't you like it that we're always looking for excuses to give you surprises like this? 

But we have another surprise for you. This is just a sneak peek. You get the whole nine yards this weekend. Here are some clues: it involves a girl, a car, a bikini, and lots of suds and water. In the meantime, go ahead, and have fun browsing the first ever Vroom bikini special gallery with Brandy Gier! 

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