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WATCH: Look How Low These Pimpin' Lowered Cars Can Go

'All my friends know the low rider...'
by Tanya Umali | Dec 13, 2016
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A car says a lot about the person driving it. Your car should fit your style, needs, and personality. Sometimes though, your dream car just doesn't quite fit who you are as a person. This is why some people choose to customize their ride.

When matching your car with your personal taste, you can opt to pimp its interiors with various car accessories. Some car owners, however, are bold enough to have their vehicles completely overhauled to match their preference. One common trend: lowering cars. 


Luckily, we found some hot lowered cars to help you should you decide to customize your own wheels.  

Check out these amped-up automobiles for yourself:


Special thanks to Classical Works for lending the featured cars in the video.


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