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WE WANT THIS NOW: This Futuristic Windshield Is The Perfect Road Navigator!

The good news: it could be just a matter of time before it hits the roads!
by Neps Firmalan | Dec 22, 2014
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We don't want to sound like haters of the season of green-and-red but, damn, don't you just want to take the kind of traffic this time of the year brings and shove it up an elf's mouth?

This is why many of us grow bold and put our explorer caps on (read: find alternate routes) in an effort to beat Xmas carmaggedon...which then results to more than a few of us screaming "Pakshet! Nawawala 'ata ako!"

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Sure, the bevy of traffic apps we have now can help us out. However, what we're about to show you could potentially end this problem once and for all.

Car geeks, check out below: the future of windshield tech called the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen:

futuristic windshield

Uhm, so that wasn't much. But hey, looks can be deceiving! That ordinary-looking windshield actually has tech-given abilities such as:

A real-time on-road warning feature that warns you of obstacles, complete with an exclamation point for more emphasis

futuristic windshield
The pilars on each side of the windshield also become "transparent", thanks to screens that display visuals from outside the car. This gives the driver a much wider field of vision for more safety.

It allows you to see both sides of your ride better

futuristic windshield
The 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen turns the pillars on the sides of the car "transparent" as welluseful for overtaking and reducing road blind spots! Those annoying motorcyclists who seemingly pop out of nowhere? You won't be surprised anymore if you have this futuristic windshield!

It's AR-powered!

futuristic windshield
It also helps the driver know the landmarks and other relevant places that are within the vicinity, thanks to augmented reality. For example, if you're searching for a parking spot, the location of the nearest one will be displayed on the windshield itself. Hayup!

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A "ghost car" navigator

futuristic windshield
Similar to the ghost cars games like Need For Speed have, only this time around it's there not to be beaten for a better score but to guide you like a virtual convoy.

It's also viewed in front of the carmuch better than constantly looking at your traffic app (which can be dangerous), right? Activate it, set the destination, and rest assured you won't be lost anymore.

Got that? Too bad the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen is not yet available. It could be just a matter of time though: the brains of Jaguar Land Rover are developing it as we speak! Y-A-Y!

Man, we can't wait for this to hit the roads! In the meantime though, you can view the full video below of this game-changing road tech:

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