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HULI CAR! 29 Pinoy Lessons We've Learned From Top Gear PH's FB Page

Top Gear Philippines posts the darndest things!
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 13, 2014
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Top Gear Philippines' Facebook fan page easily ranks as one of our favorite pages today that's not about a hot girl.

Like FHM's Facebook page, their FB page serves as a venue for promoting their stories. But our favorite part? All the user-submitted photos of scenes on the streets, the parking lots and the highways of the Philippines! Anything car-related, if it's funny or important, they'll publish it there. It's become a hub for cool wheels on the road and also, a sort of Sumbungan Ng Bayan where errant parking maneuvers and wayward traffic enforcers get a dose of Social Media Flogging. 

In providing users an avenue to publish what they see on the streets, the page has also taught us just what kinds of roads, road users, and road abusers you might just come across around here. Below are 29 of these lessons!

1)   The world is full of a-holes

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2)   This country has some talented graffitti artists

3)   Trucks are really just oversized can openers


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4)   Beware of trolls

5)   Decepticons are all around us

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Kapres wear yellow

7)   Philippine kidnappers don't want their victims to suffocate

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8)   Some car clubs are cooler than others

9)   One day, your swimming skill just might save your life

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10)   Not all traffic enforcers are evil

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