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Toyota 2009 IMV Series

| Jan 7, 2009
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If you’re looking for power then the Hilux is still the ride for you. The Hilux keeps its D-4D (Direct Injection 4-stroke Common Rail Diesel) engine technology, a highly pressurized injection system that when partnered with Toyota’s Variable Nozzle Turbo and an intercooler translates into pure engine power with better combustion and—the most important part—fuel economy. Our friends at Top Gear call it very “pick-up-y.” Meaning it delivers all you want from a, well, pick-up—can carry loads of stuff while keeping the same power even for long drives. But the rebirth of the Hilux starts with the aesthetics. There are new controls to tinker with and an improved interior to soften the pick-ups overall ruggedness. Then there’s also the new chrome radiator grille that resembles the Toyota Tundra’s. Safety features also now include 15” front ventilated disc brakes.

2 Innova
If there was one crack made at the old Innova’s expense, it was that the new everycar seems to be headed to a path similar to the FX. The new Innova all but trashes that notion. By appearance alone, the Innova is now more luxurious. The wood paneling, button controls on the steering wheel, improved dashboard layout, and a fresher take on its bumper, wheels, and rear lamps prove it’s no longer the FX’s second coming. Toyota, though, kept in mind that the Innova is considered a family car, so they threw in rear ceiling aircon ducts and a bigger luggage space.

3 Fortuner
With the Fortuner, looks are again at the forefront. You get projector-type headlamps, rear combination lamps, and a new radiator grille. The interior features an in-dash 6-CD changer, steering wheel audio switch, phone call bluetooth function and wood trims for the center instrument panel. But what we really rave about are the new 17” alloy wheels. And the performance? It has the same D-4D engine and ABS technology as the rest of the IMV series. Another upgrade is the new coil springs in the chassis. - B.A. Borleo

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