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Toyota Avanza

Poised to be Toyota’s new workhorse
| Feb 6, 2007
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Witness our main thoroughfares. Six lanes that bottleneck to four—thanks to all road impediments imaginable—but negotiated six abreast anyway by wily, snaky motorists. Roads laid out in 3D (read: potholes and manholes and bumps and humps). And there goes our gallant politician with his harang boys parting the road like Moses and his Red Sea stunt.

But don’t give up on driving just yet. If being on the road means having to bear with it longer than you should, then the new Toyota Avanza should make your life easier. A compact version of the Innova, the new ride allows you to fizzle your way around the mess of motorists with minimum stress with its excellent driving performance, no-frills features, and the esteemed Toyota reliability.

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