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Toyota Camry

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| Oct 31, 2007
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At this point in the game, buying yourself a new Toyota Camry means you have earned the right to occupy the back seat, enjoy the vast legroom, and let the driver take you places. This brings us to a dilemma: Would it make sense to buy an overachieving car and not personally see what it can deliver?
Because if it were up to us, we’d much rather be the chauffer gnashing our teeth in traffic and languishing in parking lots. The CEO riding in the back can go have his aneurysm from too much comfort and success.

It’s easy to see why. From the get-go, this is an executive car that looks young, rebellious, but obviously minted and not merely big and largely uninspired—kind of like Virgin’s Richard Branson as opposed to, say, Berkshire Hathaway’s aging Warren Buffet. At any angle—from the sporty front cutting through to its imposing side, sweeping down sharply at the rear—the Camry looks to kill.
- Allan P. Hernandez

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