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Toyota Corolla Altis

<p>Fall in line</p>
| Apr 4, 2008
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People have been feverishly waiting for this, and probably wondering why the hell it was taking so long. Last generation’s Altis, on the road since 2001, was beginning to look tired and jaded even the aftermarket modders seemed at a loss for anything more to add to it. It didn’t help that the new Civic came out looking like a wicked space trooper; it was clear that inspiration would be the next level in the sedan wars.
Just in time before the mob got bored, out rolled the tenth generation Corolla Altis just last month and suddenly you could sense a rush of libido invigorating the Toyota headquarters. And from the looks of it, it’s going to creep up the loins of would-be Altis buyers this year.

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