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Toyota Innova SR

<p>It's like a normal Innova, only with mean fangs!</p>
| Jan 14, 2010
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The country’s best-selling commercial vehicle, the Toyota Innova, is perfect for a lot of things. [firstpara] It’s perfect for a family trip to the mall. It’s great for taking the barkada to the basketball game. And it inherited enough of the Tamaraw FX’s genes for it to be used as a public utility vehicle (if a little cramped at the back row). Simply put, it’s a practical vehicle that fulfills the most essential purpose of a car, which is to take us to places.

We never thought we’d ever use the word ‘sporty’ to describe the popular vehicle, but we’re going to just that, because the Toyota Innova SR has just been introduced.

SR stands for “Sport Runner,” and clearly, this model of the Innova has a little more spunk and attitude in its blueprint. First off, compared to its more pedestrian brethrens, the SR has a more exciting, sportier exterior.

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It packs overfenders, side skirts, rear spoiler, and a new front fog lamp design. These aesthetic additions give this Innova a more aggressive, or simply, cooler look—although we still can’t quite call it the “Ferrari of utilitarian vehicles.”

Along with the body modifications, the Innova SR completes its sportier look with 15-inch alloy wheels and wider 225/55 R15 tires. A Sport Runner badge plastered on the car indicates that this isn’t your everyday Innova. To further differentiate it from the pack, the car will be offered in exclusive black and bronze exterior colors.

The Innova SR is equipped with a 2.5-liter diesel engine, and is available in automatic and manual transmissions, priced at 1,064,000 and 999,000 Pesos respectively.

With the SR’s trademark Innova comfort and tougher exterior, the Innova brand just might be the best-selling vehicle in the country again this year.


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