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Toyota Prius 2009

<p>This car got the hots for Mother Nature</p>
| Jun 25, 2009
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Toyota fuels the country’s green movement with the all-new 2009 Toyota Prius, the first ever hybrid vehicle available in the local market.
The Prius is equipped with Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, which allows the vehicle to run on three things, depending on your driving needs: its powerful 1.8-liter engine, its efficient electric motor, or both. At start up, and at slow cruising speeds, the car can run solely on the battery. When you speed up, the engine kicks in for more powerful performance.

The car’s intelligent energy management system results in topnotch energy efficiency, achieving mileage rating of 38 km/l. That, along with the car’s aerodynamics and optimized weight allows the Prius to maximize every drop of fuel. And with gas prices on the rebound, who wouldn’t want to cover more ground at a lesser cost? Traveling to far-flung places is tremendously comfy, too, since this car boasts extraordinary cabin quietness.

Its cleaner emissions and fuel efficiency reduces the size of your carbon footprint. Speed junkies need not worry about a lack of power too because the car’s engine is comparable to traditional 2.4-liter power blocks. - Gelo Gonzales

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