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Toyota Vios 2007

Vios means vanity<br />
| Sep 11, 2007
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As anyone who has had misfortune of being the middle person in a three passenger back seat, there is much spiritual debate raging inside as one contemplates how exactly to place one's legs properly having to contend with that rude hump on the floor. For sure, that hump is necessary for something underneath to turn or crank, but to the person who has to spread his legs apart, it's slightly embarrassing

So the 2007 Vios did away with the floor hump and put proper decorum back in the back seat. Now, women sitting out back, bunched up in the middle, can now close their legs and angle a certain way, which is more beautiful (in this circumstance) than crouched and spread-eagled.But whatever feedback the new Vios gets will really depend entirely on whether people love or hate its new look. Let us put it this way: There was nothing wrong with the old Vios.

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The new Vios looks more radical and is both soft and sharp at the edges. It looks like an angrier version of the Yaris, a car geared for the stylish set, so it's safe to assume that Vios wants a slice of that market too. - Allan P. Hernandez


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