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4 Reasons Why The Toyota Wigo Is The Choice For First-Time Car Owners!

Toyota has released a new car model that's sure to appeal to the most important things that Filipinos value about automobiles: practicality, value for money, and reliability. We present to you the Toyota Wigo!
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 1, 2014
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Last week, Toyota released a new car model that's sure to appeal to the most important things that Filipinos value about automobiles: practicality, value for money, and reliability. We present to you the Toyota Wigo!

Developed by Daihatsu, a company that's also owned by Toyota, the new Wigo is a small car with big dreams. It's Toyota's entry in the competitive market for ultra-compact cars currently populated by cars like the Chevy Spark, Hyundai Eon, Kia Picanto, and the current king of  the sub-compact hatchback, the Mitsubishi Mirage.

For first-time car buyers, the Wigo has all the characteristics you're looking for. Truth be told, it's the perfect car for you—below are our reasons!

1) First and foremost, it's a whole lot safer to ride in than a motorcycle

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Sure, the Wigo is quite the diminutive car, and not the car that those with penile compensation issues will like. But if you want a city car that will make you feel like you ain't going to die with a single bump from another vehicle, the Wigo suffices. Measuring at just 3,600 millimeters long, 1,620 millimeters high, and 1,520 millimeters wide, it's even smaller than the Mirage. And you know what that means: It's easier to park in tight spaces! 

2) It's smarter than buying second-hand

Toyota's goal is to sell at least 500 units of the car model per month. That's a modest, realistic figure simply because the Wigo's entry price won't take your breath away at just P450,000 (1.0E MT). At such a low price point, you're surely going to have a hard time thinking of whether to buy a second-hand unit or a completely brand-spankin' new model for roughly the same price.

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Price is always a big issue, and the Wigo might just have hit the sweet spot between practicality and desirability.

The midrange 1.0G MT costs P499,000 and the top-of-the-line 1.0G AT goes for P534,000. 

3) It has enough power for city driving

The Toyota Wigo won't set any speed records, and it doesn't intend to. With a 1.0-liter,  3-cylinder, 12-valve, fuel-injected gas engine that produces 65 horsepower and 85Nm at 3,600rpm, the Wigo is tuned just right for a no-frills daily driver who's more fond of just cruisin' than dartin'. As expected with an engine that small, fuel economy will be high, and is estimated to be at 12 to 14 kilometers per liter—just the way we like it especially with gas prices on the rise again. 

4) It is surprisingly roomy and feature-packed

We commend not just the headroom and the legroom the car provides but also the roominess of the trunk area. It's a small car but it can surprisingly haul a lot of stuff. It's also less dorky-looking than most cars of its type.

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As for features, the top-of-the-line model has a boatload of extras that you'd appreciate, namely: front and rear power windows, door locks, power side mirrors, anti-theft/keyless entry system with engine immobilizer, dual airbags, and rear seats that can be folded down. 

The top-of-the-line model even has a 4-speaker Navi-ready, 2-DIN touchscreen AM/FM/CD/MP3/Aux/USB audio system with iPod and video playback capabilities. The phrase small but terrible is an overused phrase, but in this case, it really applies for the cool, attractive Toyota Wigo. 

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John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo seem to really, really LOVE IT!

The 2014 Toyota Wigo is available now in Toyota dealerships nationwide!

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