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Toyota's MPVs upgraded!

<p>Getting better, we see</p>
| Sep 24, 2009
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As though their vehicles couldn’t get any better, here comes Toyota with an upgraded line of their multi-purpose vehicles. Talk about pushing the pedal to the metal.

For starters, the new Toyota Fortuner comes with improvements that clearly triumphs in the comfort and convenience department. There's the Double Wishbone Front suspension for comfort, and then the Automatic up/down Power Driver windows to take care of convenience. Both improvements are available in all variants. Toyota also bulks up its Fortuner line up with a new variant: the 2.5 G Diesel with Manual Transmission.

The upgrades for the
Hilux, meanwhile, depends on its variants. The 4x2 E grade gets most of the love with awesome upgrades: Driver’s airbags, Seatbelt warning, Power Door locks, 16” wheels, a taller frame, the works. The top-of-the-line 4x4 and 4x2 G grade gets an automatic up/down Power Driver window, as well as 16” wheels, while the 4x2 J variant is now equipped with Driver’s airbag and seatbelt warning system.

Completing the triumvirate is the
Innova, which now comes with the automatic up/down Power Driver Windows for the E,G, and V grades. It’s base variant is also equipped with a Driver’s airbag and a four-spoke steering wheel.

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WORDS: Lou Albano

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