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Stop Wasting Your Money On These Car Accessories

You seriously don't need these things
by Tanya Umali | Nov 14, 2016
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As a proud car owner, you feel the need to splurge a bit to take care of your ride. Apart from the usual car maintenance procedures—washing, a visit to the mechanic—you have your own ways of expressing love to your vehicle. Although sometimes, you go overboard and end up spending way too much money and effort, like when your stuffing your car with useless effects.

No matter how many times you say to yourself that these accessories will make it look and function better, it honestly won't. Car manufacturers already spent precious time developing your ride into its best iteration. That is also why some blings are really not necessary.

We promise you won't need some of these things for your car:

1) Catch caddy

Perfect for those who tend to lose spare change or their phones to the sides of car seats. However, what these containers will most likely catch is dirt so you're better off being careful with your knick-knacks. Besides, you can just slip your fingers through the nooks and crannies to retrieve whatever object fell there.

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Fuzzy dice or any hanging ornaments

Not only are they tacky, these things also obstruct your rear view mirror. There's no point in buying them unless you want a distraction while driving.

Anti-theft steering wheel lock

Seriously, if someone wants to steal your car, not even a steering wheel lock could prevent it from happening. They could just break it, and voilà, the car is theirs.

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Steering wheel covers

Your steering wheel doesn't need any more protection. It has a durable leather cover so it won't suffer wear and tear for a long time. 


5) Body kits

Adding pieces of fiberglass to your car is solely for aesthetic purposes and will not improve its performance. Better to just save your money instead of spending lavishly on expensive car details. 

Edge guards

Or you could just be careful when opening your doors to avoid bumping into cars beside yours.

7) Tacky s
hift boots

Its purpose is keeping dust and debris from penetrating the mechanism of your gear. Useful but customizing it with crazy designs is unnecessary.

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8) Back seat pet hammocks

Like your toddler kids, your pet should be buckled into safety and not roam freely at the back. Apart from catching fur, we don't see any other reason spending on this item is a must.

Steering wheel knobs

These tend to lose their grip easily so driving using a worn-out one could spell danger on the road. Besides, if you have two functioning hands, both of them should be on the steering wheel.

Fancy headlight bulbs

Stick with the standard headlight bulb. You'll end up blinding other drivers should you opt for a different and brighter lighting system.

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