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<p>Zoom-zoom, indeed</p>
| Dec 3, 2009
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Just last week, we featured Mazda’s exciting, new CX-7, which proved to be quite the package: a complete, sporty and stylish SUV with an attractive price tag. So this week, it’s the Mazda CX-9’s turn to take the stoplight, err, spotlight.[firstpara] The Mazda CX-9 is the CX-7 on steroids. It’s bold, stylish, and makes many other SUVs on the road look downright boring. As we’ve said during the other times we took Mazda cars for a spin, Mazda may very well be on the top rung when it comes to car aesthetics, at least amongst its Japanese brethren.

The CX-9, with its ultra-sexy, ultra classy silhouette, loud-and-proud 20-inch aluminum wheels and tires, and bold, confident fenders looks like a mega-million SUV, say just like the BMW X5. Its face definitely packs star quality too, what with its elegant Mazda five-point grille, and wide bumper.

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Inside, the CX-9 treats you like a VIP with its roomy cabin, excellent cargo space, and a luxurious audio system. For the driver, there's a back-up monitor system that provides clearer view of the objects or people behind the vehicle. The best thing here is that while the CX-9 looks like it’s built for kings, its price tag of P2,899,000 is actually highly competitive in its class.

With a 3.7 liter V6 engine, the Mazda CX-9 certainly doesn’t lack power. Its engine produces a whopping 273 horses at 6,250 RPM, which combined with a six-speed Sport AT automatic transmission and Mazda’s Torque Split All-Wheel Drive, gives the CX-9 brisk and responsive acceleration and top-flight cruising speed.

Safety features such as the advanced Roll Stability Control (RSC) system, Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Mazda Advanced Impact-energy Distribution and Absorption System (MAIDAS) will keep you safe even as your doing more than 180 kph on the highway. All in all, if money were no object, we’d take the more luxurious CX-9 over the CX-7.

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