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The Different Ways We Hold The Steering Wheel And What It Says About Our Personality

What kind of driver are you?
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 10, 2015
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How do you hold your steering wheel?

In formal driving schools, they teach you to hold the two sides of the steering wheel firmly at all times. At the "10 and 2" points if the steering wheel had been a clock. 

But we all know that that's not how we all do it. Some hold the wheel with just one hand. Some hold it along the bottom. Some pull themselves nervously close to the wheel while putting it in a death grip. People hold the wheel in different manners. 

Here's our question today: Does the way you hold your steering wheel say something about your driving personality? The blog might have the answer.

The website illustrated 10 ways that people hold the steering wheel, and wrote just what a particular manner might say about your personality. We've lifted four of them here to show you a sample, but for the full list and descriptions of each style, proceed to this link.

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THE PERFECTIONIST says: "You were taught in school to keep your hands at '10 and 2,' and you like to do things the correct way."


Continue reading below ↓ says: "You are the personification of 'laid-back.' You don’t take life too seriously, and you approach situations with a much more relaxed and chill approach."

THE BOSS says: "You are a natural-born leader. You have a real knack for taking charge of a situation in a clear and decisive manner." 

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THE BULLDOZER says: "Watch out, world—'The Bulldozer' is coming through! You are a busy person, and you do not have time for people who get in your way."

So, what kind of driver are you?

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