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We Rode The Segway...Now We Want One!

Personal transportation device makes walking obsolete
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 3, 2013
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Ah, the Segway. The most misunderstood mobility machine the industrial age has ever witnessed.

It’s like a mono-cycle, only with two wheels and less “OMG, I’m going to fall” moments. It’s an electrically-powered, self-balancing “personal transporter” for people who think walking around is a thing of the past. Since first coming into the public view through the U.S. morning show, Good Morning America in 2001, the two-wheeled wonder has raised more than a few eyebrows, in ways good and bad.

Good, because it has practical use: In the Western countries at least, it was a reliable ride for police and guards patrolling an area. For the elderly, it was a way to stroll around in a manner that didn’t hurt the back or the knees. For the factory bisor or the engineer surveying a site, the Segway made it easier to cover huge work areas.  

Still, those uses couldn’t hide the fact that, well, it was kind of dorky. The brunt of the criticism was that it’s the antithesis of skater-cool, a purveyor of sloth, and it’s a gadget reserved for the geriatric ward.

Yet, like the mono-cycle, we’ve always secretly wanted one. Simply because we’ve been raised to believe that anything with wheels can be awesome. Even wheelchairs.

So yes, maybe even Segways.

Recently, we got to play around with one, courtesy of Simply Moving Philippines, Inc., the Seg’s exclusive local distributor who officially brought the machines to the country in 2012.

This is a picture of us enjoying our time with it (and hoping to God we don’t get a memo causing a ruckus in the workplace.)

Now these are a couple pictures of FHM cover girls who got to ride it in a Segway event held last November 2012, which we’re posting now purely for your enjoyment. Go to the next page for the photos!

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