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Declaring 'The Honda Civic Is Cool Again' Is An Understatement

Welcome the return of a legit head-turner
by Ash Mahinay | Nov 10, 2016
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Today in informal car history, we look at the cycle the Honda Civic has been following ever since the venerable sixth-generation EK/EJ—aka The Fast and the Furious years. The one with green neon that went under that trailer truck full of then-expensive DVD players. That period’s vintage of Civics still holds good value today—decidedly more than a DVD player of the same year—it’s just bit tricky to shop when every other EJ on sale is an “SiR”.

The budget performance enthusiast’s favorite was succeeded by a low-key revision: the “dimension” ES. It tickled only the rational part of buyer’s brains because be honest, have you ever seen a dimension kitted out with sporting aspirations? Why do they even call it dimension?

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The release of the FD—identify these by the often added F1-style triangular flashing brake light low on the rear bumper or “Team FD” stickers—refreshed the Civic’s cool factor in a major way. It’s successor, the FB debuted in 2011, and people looking for something hot definitely did not find it with Honda’s latest. It even kind of looked more like the Honda City rather than a Civic from some angles.

What follows the vanilla years of the FB is supposed to be something good then—other compact sedans can rely on pedestrian reasons such as “madali ang piyesa pag nasira” to sell. Why, yes sir, I can’t wait for my car to break so I can exercise the reason I bought it.

But the Civic must have a cool factor to set it apart. Good news: the cycle has continued.

The tenth-generation “FC” Civic looks sexy as hell—notably breaking the necks of several FD-owners during our time with it—and it also packs a major first: Honda’s first turbo motor.

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The 1.5-liter DOHC VTEC engine has a healthy 173hp and 216Nm of torque—the CVT transmission its paired with makes daily driving that output a very smooth and economical affair. Drive angry and the Civic won’t embarrass you either, it’s quick once you get on the gas and steers with urgency.

Inside, it’s got comfy leather room, an infotainment system that makes sense, all the sockets, outlets and safety features your EK doesn’t, and, most importantly, push-start and keyless entry for maximum cool factor. But we really don’t mind taking that extra few seconds to reach for the alarm in our pockets because we love looking at that inspired taillight design and big red RS Turbo badge on its ass.

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We’ll be looking back fondly on our time with the FC when tomorrow comes—whether what follows up bucks the trend or not.


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