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FHM Visits The World Of Toyota

One massive cars show by one massive brand
by Patrick Tadeo | Aug 14, 2013
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Car shows are usually a multi-brand affair, populated by numerous makes and models. Well, try saying that to Toyota Motor Philippines, the country's undisputed no.1 carmaker for the past 11 years. After all, holding the so-called Triple Crown--no.1 in passenger car sales, no.1 in commercial vehicle sales, and no.1 in overall sales--for 11 consecutive years is no simple feat.

As it so happens, 2013 also marks Toyota's 25th anniversary in the Philippines so to mark the occasion, the company has mounted its own car show. But instead of running for just four days like your regular run-of-the-mill car shows, the aptly-called "The World of Toyota Motor Show" runs for nine days, from August 10 to 18.

The event showcases not just Toyota's current product lineup in the country but also a couple of concept cars and some old-school models that are sure to evoke nostalgic trips for a lot of people. Allow us then to share with you some of the sights you'll see at the show that just may convince you to drop your hard-earned P25 and buy a ticket for the event.  

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