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This Is How Scammers Can Make Worn-Out Tires Look New Again

Always keep a close eye when buying new tires.
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 28, 2015
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Changing tires from time to time is a routine expense for car owners. 

It's not always cheap—which leaves rooms for scammers to swoop right in and offer "bargains." These "bargains" help you save a quick buck...until of course the wheels explode.

In a video we saw on automotive sites Jalopnik and Car And Driver, we see how an unscrupulous tire dealer can scoop out the old rubber to form new grooves along the tire and on its walls. To the unsuspecting eye, the tire might look new when in reality, it's a few kilometers away from dangerously bursting. 

Watch it here: 

The video, according to the uploader, Melody Augustine, allegedly comes from Europe. We wouldn't be surprised though if this sort of thing happens in our own neighborhood talyer, though.'s Online Associate Editor Dinzo Tabamo tells us to stick with reputable sellers: "The best way to make sure a tire is new is to buy from authorized tire dealers. The reliable names like Goodyear, Bridgestone, and Dunlop all have their own shops. Also, the year the tire was made is etched onto the tire itself."

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So, always be on the lookout, fellas. You get what you pay for—and you'll end up paying more should you decide to scrimp on something so vital as tires.

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