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Nov 11, 2014
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You see strange things on the Internet every day. You have a good laugh out of them, and then move on. But there are things that just stick with you, and haunt you bad. Like what? Like cars with paint jobs that exhibit a wicked hatred for cars.

A car is supposed to be a treasured possession, so when we saw these cars below with paint jobs on a different level of WTF, we couldn't help but feel obliged to tell you to PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO YOUR RIDE!

Here now are 12 things you never, ever should put on your car:

1)   Henna tattoos

Image via Fukarf.com

They didn't look good on your body, much less on your car's.

2)   Creepy 3D bodies

Image via Fukarf.com

Unless of course your goal in life is to never get laid ever again.

3)   Cheetah prints

Image via Fukarf.com

It's never a good thing to get on PETA's bad side.

4) A girl performing ballet in the sea

Image via Fukarf.com

Unless you're THAT secure with your sexuality.

5)   Teddy bears on a field of daisies

Image via Fukarf.com

See reason in entry No. 4

NEXT: The next one is a lovable cartoon character...but not when he's on your hood