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Feb 7, 2015
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The manliest event of the week happened a few days ago, on February 2 to be exact: On that Monday Nissan unveiled the latest edition of its pickup, the 2015 Nissan Navara, in the Philippines. As expected, it made a lot of jaws drop hard during the unveiling.

We mean, look:

2015 nissan navara

That facade just screams, "CAN YOU HANDLE MY BADASS RIDE, TOUGH GUY?!"

However, this bad boy's good looks is just one of the many reasons why we're calling it a must-ride as early as now. Beneath its manly exterior and aerodynamic curves lie a true beast of a vehicle that had the kid in us wanting to write Santa a letter. It has a lot of awesome stuff to offer, and we listed five of the most man-tastic ones below!


2015 nissan navara

As with many of Nissan's newest rides (like the 2015 X-Trail), the 2015 Navara carries the carmaker's V-Motion grill. Combined with a sculpted hood and boomerang-shaped headlamps, it gives the ride a look that's both elegant and intimidating up front. If you're experiencing an all-time low in confidence, step right in and we bet you'll feel your mojo coming back instantly.


2015 nissan navara

A peek inside reveals a host of technologies that make the 2015 Navara seem futuristic compared to that ride of yours you've been driving since 2000. We're talking about techie thingamajigs like:

  • Fine vision technology - A feature that enables the driver to easily and clearly read vital information on the instrument cluster board without losing focus on driving.
  • Audio system - The 2015 Navara boasts of audio features like a 6-speaker audio setup, Bluetooth connectivity, and multiple playback modes (CD, MP3, iPod)all of which can be controlled using a large 5-inch display on the dashboard.
  • Rear camera - Because backing up can be dangerous and frustrating, Nissan equipped the 2015 Navara with a rear camera that guides you through the tricky process.
  • Push Button Ignition - You can start the engine simply by pushing a single button as long as you have the key with you (no need to insert it).

Special mention goes to what Nissan calls Zero Gravity Seats. Inspired by NASA, these seats ensure a more comfy ride by distributing body pressure on the seating surface so your butt won't feel like it took a beating after a long ride to Baguio.


2015 nissan navara
Being a pickup, the 2015 Navara packs a punch in pulling power. Thanks to its 2.5-liter four-cylinder DOHC diesel engine, it can provide as much as 450NM of torque to pull larger loads that will make your mama's tiny sedan (small sedans typically only have 130-140NM of torque) weep.

Speaking of load, check out this new pickup's bed (the part where items are typically loaded):

2015 nissan navara

With dimensions of 59 x 61 x 19 inches (LxWxH), the 2015 Navara's bed area is a little bigger compared to its predecessor's. #HakotPaMore.


The 2015 Navara also scores in the road comfort department with its 5-Link Coil Suspension feature which is armed with stabilizer bars. This helps ensure a more comfy ride, even if you're, say, driving over our pothole-ridden city roads or on a dusty off-road track somewhere secluded.


Video via CARWP-US TheReallyJhonny2

Speaking of things underneath, the 2015 Navara also has a fully boxed ladder frame underneath which adds torsional stiffness for added overall durability. This means that not only can it pull like crazy, it can also withstand the added strain associated with carrying heavy loads, whether it's your lipat-bahay boxes or your drunk friends after a party.


2015 nissan navara

With a wade depth (the max depth at which a car can still operate safely before water effs things up like electronics or the exhaust system) of 600mm and a ground clearance of 245mm, the 2015 Navara is able to operate even in floodwaters slightly higher than your kneesomething that smaller rides obviously have difficulty with.

In fact, Nissan actually tested the 2015 Navara at a wade depth of 800mm and they said the pickup did just fine. We're not about to tell you to battle floods head-on with it, but it feels reassuring that it won't stall just because of a little rain.

The 2015 Nissan Navara will be available by the end of the month and will start at P898,000. Click here for more pricing details.