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WORDS: Dinzo Tabamo

Lexus Lf-Sh
This is the concept for the next flagship Lexus LS sedan. We heard Lexus is getting ready to launch their first local dealer, so you may see this car sooner than you think.

Ferrari GG50
To mark his 50th year in automotive design, Italian design legend Giorgetto Guigaro designed the Ferrari GG 50, which is based on the 612 Scaglietti. He sketched this in 2H lead pencil on tracing paper.

Audi Shooting Brake
When it came out in 2000, the Audi TT was an automotive darling. This concept by Audi is rumored to be the next TT, a definite sign that Audi is bent on reclaiming lost ground to BMW and Benz.

Mitsubishi Concept X
This hot mama is rumored to be what the Evo X will look like. The Evolution Series is revered in the rally world, and a name like Evo X just evokes a beast of a car.

Toyota FSC
One of the new breed of crossover vehicles that blurs the categories of car and van. This concept has the looks of a sleek sedan, the space of a minivan, and ice blue LED lights at the door trim and roof.

Mitsubishi I
Don’t underestimate the 65hp 3-cylinder turbocharged engine. With wheels meant for excellent handling, cars in this category are the ultimate city car—fuel efficient and nimble in tight city quarters.

Nissan GT-R
In Nissan, the GT-R badge causes other sports cars to shit in their pants. This is no other than the next iteration of the Skyline GT-R cars that dominate touring car races.