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Jan 27, 2014
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Are you a fan of giant animé series, Attack On Titan? Do you love Subaru cars? Have you always had a special place in your heart for crazy Japanese commercials?

If you said yes to all three, then, by God, do we have the perfect thing for you. Witness below: A Subaru Forester commercial featuring the giants of Attack On Titan.


Tremendous, isn't it? Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a thrilling ad that features things that guys love, namely: fast, dangerous driving, a pogi SUV, and the ability to leave everyone in your dust.

The Japanese carmaker's collab with some of the coolest villains in animé today was a huge, huge bonus—and one that only the guys from the Land of the Rising Sun might think of.

Japan makes some pretty weird and cool commercials. If you didn't already know this, well, maybe their McDo commercials below will convince you. While the Philippine McDo commercials appeal to Filipinos' family-first, warm hug-giving side, Japan's appeal to the unhinged side of humanity:


While that compilation has enough weirdness to last you a week, we're going to keep ball rolling. The Subaru-Attack On Titan isn't the only "fun" Japanese car commercial around. Here are 10 more!

1) G.I. Joe Steals Barbie From Ken


In this Nissan commercial, we see a familiar love story between girls' dolls Barbie and Ken. Unfortunately for the sweet-faced Ken, the rough and rugged appeal of General G.I. Joe was too much for Barbie to ignore. That, and Joe was driving a Nissan!

2) A commercial not for the faint of heart


Want to feel alive? Turn down the lights, put a pair of headphones on, and get near the monitor. This commercial for snow tires is a retelling of Japan's version of the infamous babae sa Balete Drive.

3) Banned Toyota "Topless" Commercial


In this commercial for the Japan-only Toyota Auris, the carmaker doesn't make any qualms about making that well-known point about how a hot car will inevitably attract the hot ladies...and the hot almost-ladies.

4) Tiny Creepy Men are living in your car and operating everything from your wiper to headlamps


In yet another Toyota commercial, the Corolla Godfather shows you how hands-on they are in taking care of a customer's car-driving needs. So much so that they've stuck little Japanese elves in your Toyota cars working like helpful, invisible elves.

5) King Kong hates your Ford pickup


Know why those titans were chasing after the Forester? They obviously thought it was a runaway matchbox, and they were aching for a little playtime like Baby King Kong in the video above. Mommy King Kong not happy!

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