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Mar 1, 2015
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Whaddup, motorheads! Searching for a brand new ride to go zig-zagging in on the mean streets of Manila? We have great news for you in the form of the beaut below:

honda click 125i

That, lads, is the new Click 125i. It's Honda's newest scooter, and the company dubs it the "future of scooters." That's quite the claim, but before you declare it as just another form of unwarranted marketing hype, the Click 125i actually has the features to deserve such a tag.

We're talking about next-gen scooter features such as:

Enhanced Smart Power: A feature that combines high engine power and high fuel efficiency and delivers efficient fuel combustion by minimizing friction. It also makes for a smoother and less ear-numbing engine start-up.

Idling Stop System: For less fumes and saving more fuel, the Click 125i is equipped with the Idling Stop System that automatically shuts down the engine after three seconds of non-moving traffic (yes, just like those high-end cars!). Don't worry about getting honked at by impatient bastards behind you; just twist the throttle and you'll be moving in less than a second!

Combined Brake Systems: A feature which balances the braking of both wheels for a smoother, safer ride.

Dual Keen Eyes LED Headlight: The Click 125i's headlight provides higher light intensity compared to other scooters and 80-percent more efficient power consumption.

New Generation Intelligent global engine: Making the Click 125i go vroom is a 125cc engine which gives you 11.6 N.m of pulling power (quite impressive for a scooter) and class-leading fuel efficiency of 64.3 km per liter at 50kph.

To top things off, it looks both sporty and aggressive:

honda click 125i

Man, don't you just want to hop on it ASAP and feel like a total badass?

We were so smitten by the Click 125i's good looks that we asked Honda if we could take it out for a quick spin. They agreed! Read on for our test drive review!

Here's FHM.com.ph's resident videographer, Engellheart Jarilla, looking mighty proud onboard the Click 125i. Your pogi meter just shot up, bro!

honda click 125i

Here's a look at the driver controls. Good job at making the instrument panel look sweet, Honda!

honda click 125i

And here's Mr. Jarilla once again, negotiating a curve at a track at the Honda Safety Driving Center in Paranaque. He has this to say: "The scooter feels really easy to handle while the bigger tubeless tires really hugs the road." Nice!


honda click 125i

As for comfort, Engellheart says the Click 125i's seats and suspension prevent aching bumsdefinitely good news for motorists who spend hours along that giant parking lot called EDSA.

honda click 125i

Here's a look at the luggage compartment. At 18 liters in full capacity, you can store your helmet in there (or your girl's makeup stash if she's riding with you).

honda click 125i

Engellheart decided to go full throttle, and the Click 125i gladly obliged. He's actually going really fast here, and it took him only a few seconds to go from 15kph to 60kph. Eyes on the road, son!

honda click 125i

Our verdict: The Click 125i is definitely a speedy and comfy ride that's easy to handle and navigate with. Interested? It's now available for P87,900, fellas!

Note: The Honda Click 125i comes in Pearl Horizon White, Asteroid Black Metallic, and Candy Rosy red.