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Oct 13, 2015
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Okay, okay, we've misused the word "tragedy" here but try telling that to these road users below:

This was the scene last October 9 at Valero Street in Makati where the road cracked up in several spots, trapping cars in the process. Several witnesses—namely Dette Claud, John Manzano Delim, and Mendell Cueto—took photos of the incident, and sent them to Top Gear Philippines. You can see the rest of the images on this page.

In the Top Gear article, one of the photo-senders described the cavities as the result of "a mini sinkhole" while some said that water had surged from a broken pipe and "caused the asphalt to crack." Top Gear also surmised that it may have been just the cause of "poor road construction." 

Whatever the cause may have been, all we know is that we feel bad for these motorists. You're driving around, and then the road beneath you suddenly gives in, and now you're looking at a hefty bill to get your car repaired. Hassle!