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Jun 30, 2017
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One of the best things about cars is that they come in all shapes and sizes. No matter your needs and budget, there's bound to be a car that will suit you. For some motorists, this means buying a car that's a bit, well, small in stature. You know, the mini hatchbacks and micro cars that you see puttering their way along EDSA and C5. 

Of course, every car no matter the size deserves its fair share of the road. They're just as much a citizen of the road as big SUV or a truck. Naturally, however, driving a car of a particular size can have its shortcomings. When it comes to small cars, these problems can range from comedic to downright scary. But there are some upsides, too.

If you drive a small car, then you can probably relate to the situations in the video above. Click play, enjoy, and let us know your small car problems in the comments.

This story originally appeared on Topgear.com.ph.
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