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If automobiles were persons, then the Subaru Legacy sedan would be the stylish young woman who always turns heads wherever and whenever she walks past. She’s sharp, tailored, and perennially put-together. She’ll even nag you, if that’s what it takes for you to work her smooth. And best of all, you’ll ride her.

The interiors are sleek in black and silver. Aircon and radio do not litter the panel with one too many buttons and knobs. Organized and carefully laid out, you instinctively know where everything on the dash is placed. There are ample compartments, concealed in stylish lids that you either press or slide open. The shift stick is elegant and sporty. When the headlights are switched on, red lights brighten up the dashboard panel’s insides. Both overhead visors come with mirrors that come with very convenient lights, yet again.

The Legacy drives beautifully. Well, this comes standard in a Subaru because all their cars are blessed with All-Wheel Drive so there’s no hesitation on those wheels. – Lou E. Albano

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