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WORDS: Lou E. Albano

Forecasted to be a lot cheaper than its earlier Echo incarnation, the Toyota Yaris, it seems, is out on a race against the Jazzes and the Swifts of the world. And while the race looks competitive as it is, there’s a good chance this Toyota baby will catch on quick with a premium on looks and economics.

It’s a compact car with a spacious inner cavity. Fits five folks and all their modern-day doodads. There are three glove compartments—two for the passenger side, one for the driver; a backseat back pocket; a slew of bottle holders, coin holders, side pockets, the works. The best thing about it? It doesn’t feel cramped. The wide dashboard gives it a big-daddy car vibe, and when you look at the rearview mirror, the curve out back makes you feel as though you were driving a van.

But more important than its appearance, what we feel will make the Yaris a popular ride is the economics.