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Feb 25, 2013
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Today marks the 27th anniversary of the original EDSA Revolution, which ended, as all of you may know, in Ferdinand Marcos leaving Malacañang (and the country), and the crowning of a new leader in Mrs. Corazon Aquino.

Had it not been for this relatively peaceful, millions-wide uprising that showcased how awesome unity can be, the dark dictatorial ages could have gone on for God knows how many more years longer.

On a lighter note, the date is also declared a holiday on a good year. This year? At the very least, the roads are less congested with government offices and schools taking a day off. For the rest of us working men—who now obviously can’t participate in commemorative EDSA happenings because we’re stuck in the office!—here’s a playlist of songs that never fail to stir the rally-loving activist in us! Makibaka!

1) Any song from Rage Against The Machine  

The ultra-aggressive sound and anti-establishment sentiments of one of the '90s fiercest acts will make you want to throw football-sized rocks at the riot shields of every police man who’s ever tried abusing their power.

2) Queen – “We Will Rock You”

With its thundering stomp-and-clap beat, and a chorus sung in unison (“We will, we will quack, err, rock you!”), this cheering competition staple is something we’d love to march to while walking down the street to take down some crooked politician.

3) Guns N’ Roses – “Welcome To The Jungle”

The screaming, high-pitched, arena-filling sounds of Axl Rose, Slash, and company reach a boiling “I'm-ready-to-take-on-the-world” point with this tune. It’s a jungle out there, young rebel.  

4) Black Sabbath – “Ironman”

If that yero-bending riff doesn’t pump pure, cold adrenaline into your bloodstream, it’s hard to say what will. A successful revolution requires the stout spirit of determination, and this song fills us up with just that.

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