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Aug 11, 2011
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We love the rain. We really do. The weather’s cool, and it makes you want to spend the entire day sleeping in. Best of all, you finally get to wear that hoodie you bought on sale last summer. If it rains really, really, really hard too, there’s that chance that work will be suspended, to the joy of everyone whose high school years are but dusty, old memories.

But as with anything, there’s a limit to our love for precipitation. When it’s raining five, six, or seven days straight, things can get pretty gloomy, that we begin to ask the gods for just a little bit of sunshine to come peeking in our windows. Only the mold and mildew that have taken residence in places where the sun don’t shine pray otherwise.

Seeing as we are at the mercy of the weather, and that tribal sun dances have long been scientifically proven to be a sham, the only choice we really have is to wait things out. We can count on a little music though to make that sad human truth more bearable. Here are 10 sunshine-y songs that should give you a little reassurance that the sun will indeed come out tomorrow, tomorrow.

1) Katrina and the Waves – “Walkin on Sunshine”

Everybody now: “I'm walking on sunshine , wooah/ I'm walking on sunshine, woooah/ I'm walking on sunshine, woooah/ And don't it feel good!”

Play it when: the rain is at its strongest. Only this song and its deluge of positive vibes have a fighting chance at drowning out the massive downpour.

2) Beatles – “Here Comes the Sun”

Everybody now: “Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...”

Play it when: the rain seems like it’s about to end. There’s a light at the end of a tunnel, this song proposes. You begin to hope, at least until, it starts to pour again.

3) Dicta License – “Ang Ating Araw”

Everybody now: “Sisikat nang muli ang ating araw/ Sa nayong may himig ng hanging
hinipan ng banal/ Tulad ng awit na pumipiglas sa kahon ng kundiman.”

Play it when: you’re starting to feel a little defeated. What else can you do but hope that the sun will indeed rise again just as the song’s lyrics tell you?

4) Rage Against the Machine – “People of the Sun”

Everybody now: “It’s comin' back around again/ This is for the people of the sun!”

Play it when: you’ve gotten a little mad that the rain just won’t stop. You almost want to start to rally the people and stand up against the tyranny of the typhoon.

5) Seals and Crofts – “Summer Breeze”

Everybody now: “Summer breeze, makes me feel fine/ Blowing through the jasmine in my mind”

Play it when: you’ve begun to accept defeat, and have resorted to dreaming not just about the sun, but the breeze of summers past that so lovingly held you in its arms. 

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