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Feb 4, 2014
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New series and returning seasons of our favorite shows will premiere this year, and we can sense the binge-watching as early as now. From drama to gore and even TV adaptations of films, these shows will make your lazy (or even busy) days become a little interesting with boob tube storytelling.

When you get hooked on these shows, always remember these ultimate couch potato rules: whatever unfortunate happenings unfold in these shows, remember that it’s just fiction. It’s not real life. Don’t let your life get dragged by it, and don’t send death threats to the actors who killed off your favorite characters. Or maybe you can, for one full day at maximum. Below are the shows that we'll be tuning into this 2014.

True Detective
Premiered: January 14

HBO does it again with True Detective, teaming up Woody Harrelson and current man of the hour, Matthew McConaughey as detectives trying to solve a case involving a serial killer on a spree for 17 years. Here’s where it gets interesting, True Detective uses multiple timelines to make the thought-provoking plot even more exciting for thrill-seeking and mystery/suspense-lovers at home.

With only one episode aired, it has garnered high reviews from entertainment hubs. This one’s a sure hit, we’re telling you now.


Release date: March 16

Think about this sci-fi plot: An inmate, who’s said to be wrongfully-accused, is tasked to protect a 10-year-old girl who has special powers. This guy, of course, becomes close to this girl with super powers, and tries to shun “evil forces” away that aim to harm her.

It’s something that you would watch, right? If the premise doesn’t sell to you, read this: Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity, Y Tu Mamá También) created the series, with J.J. Abrams producing it for NBC. Geekgasm!


The Walking Dead (Season 4B)
Series returns on: February 7

After a mid-season break and a massive cliffhanger for the ender of season 4A, everyone’s favorite zombie suspense (or drama) will return to wrap up season 4. This is the chance of the 16.1 million viewers to find out what will happen to the now-separated core group of Rick Grimes and company.

Trying to survive a zombie apocalypse isn’t enough; these guys had to survive a war with humans. What a crazy, crazy, fictitious world The Walking Dead has become.


Portlandia (Season 4)
Series returns on: early 2014 (TBA)

The hipster-mocking skit comedy will finally return to their niche crowd early this year. No official date has been announced regarding season 4’s premiere, but this might cheer you up: cameos from Josh Homme (Queens of The Stone Age), Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Jello Biafra (The Dead Kennedys), Duff McKagan (Guns ‘n Roses), Kirsten Dunst, Olivia Wilde, and many more will grace the new season. Expect more puns, “I can relate—thus guilty” scenarios, and Fred Armisen’s smirk face.

Workaholics (Season 4)
Series returned on: January 22

Countless memorable memes and lines have been picked by the fans of these three crazy telemarketers for the last 3 seasons, and it can only get better in season 4.  With two episodes already out, Adam, Blake, and Ders have become more gross, funnier, and, little bit more idiotic and kookier than how they were in season 3. It makes us wonder, sometimes, what the hell they’re smoking (aside from weed) just to come up with their plots and dialogue. Probably PCP (speaking of drugs, season 4’s first episode involved the popular party pill, Molly and an EDM fest) but we wouldn’t want to make any assumptions.


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