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Mar 6, 2013
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You now have another reason to thank the creators of The Hangover. The fried comedic brains behind the pre-nuptial party fest film have decided to ditch the altar and head back to college for some lawlessly insane fun.

In 21 And Over, which opens in theaters today, star student Jeff Chang (of course, he’s Asian) is turning 21, and to celebrate his ascent into legality, his two best friends take him out for the mythical "two beers" the night before his big med school interview. But of course, like any other jam-all-the-trouble-we-can-get-in-to-while-drunk-and-or-high-in-one-night movie, two beers quickly turn into overindulgence as antics pile on top of each other, threatening Chang’s chances at a higher education.

We’re expecting boozing, drug use, and bewbs.

Though slackers, stoners, burnouts, and raging alcoholics can be annoying when highly intoxicated, they can also be a source of unadulterated entertainment. What would this sober world come to if we lost our dear and drear cancers of society? Boring. So consider this list of some of the funniest/craziest film fuck-ups under the influence our celebration of inebriation.

Cheers, scumbags!  

The movie: Old School
Poison of choice: A keg of beer

Old School
’s Frank Richard, a.k.a. Frank the Tank (Will Ferrell) as he was known in his heyday, is newly married and pretends that he has shed the wild nights of his dog days. But with the help of the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg, a keg of beer, and some rowdy frat boys, he is able to rekindle his inner-nudist as he runs around the movie’s college campus, willy swinging in the open, chest hair bared for all to see, as he screams, “We’re going streaking!” Classic Ferrell.

Embarrassment meter: If you don’t mind flashing your penis and butt crack to total strangers then by all means, shed your inhibitions, one article of clothing at a time.  

The movie: Bad Boys 2
Poison of choice: MDMA (Ecstasy)

In one of the movie's most hilarious scenes, Marcus (Martin Lawrence) accidentally ingests some ecstasy before he and partner Mike (Will Smith) brief their captain on the drug ring they’re trying to expose. It starts to take effect as they enter their boss's house, where Marcus makes a fool of himself, downing water from a flower vase, feeding his tactile needs. A cold shower douses off the unwarranted effects as he redefines the meaning of party police.

Embarrassment meter: Never ever try talking to your superiors while rolling on E unless you want to profess your uninhibited love for your job with hugs and sub-par dance moves.


The movie: Trainspotting
Poison of choice: Heroin and booze


Danny Boyle’s adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s poignant take on the Edinburgh drug scene is a colorful, oft-disturbing film about heroin addiction. When Spud, the movie’s resident junkie jester has too fun one night, he ends up passing out on his lady’s bed mid-romp. Upon awaking, he discovers that he’s soiled himself, leaving the sheets to the shit. As his girlfriend’s mother unravels the blanket in front of the brekkie table, feces flies into the air, spoiling the meal, and leaving everyone feeling pooped.

Embarrassment meter: You failed at getting laid. You took a dump on a bed—and on your girlfriend’s no less. To top it all off, you got excrement all over your honey’s fumed family. Breaking it off would seem like the classy thing to do.     

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