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Sep 15, 2011
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Next to zombies, alien scumbags are the funnest things to blast through in videogames. They’re just as ugly as the undead hordes (See: Gears of War), and are just as remorseless in their human-eradicating ways. They do moan and shamble less, but if games have taught us anything, these planet-hopping foes are just as relentless.

How relentless? Perhaps, Resistance 3 ought to show you. The third game in this intense first-person shooter series continues the battle for humanity’s survival against the alien menace that is the Chimera. Following Resistance 2, things have never been bleaker on the human front. Humanity’s war efforts have begun to collapse, as the foreign invaders prepare to assimilate and transform Earth into a planet that’s more to their liking: icier than the South and North Poles combined. It’s up now to one Joseph Capeli to play the hero in a last ditch mission that’s no less suicidal.

So, as a send-off to all of you who plan to take part in this resistance, how about a list of some of the nastiest life forms that’s not unlike the Chimera and their parasitic ways? Here are 5 of them:

1) The Flood
As seen in: Halo series

Could the name be any more apt? The Flood doesn’t care who you are nor does it discriminate by specie. As long as you are a sentient life form, it will infect you, and turn you into a zombie-like abomination with tentacles and huge sacs that contain even more of the parasite. In its insatiable hunger, The Flood has even driven ancient societies to destroy themselves in an effort to starve it and rid the universe of it once and for all. Good thing they didn’t though! Otherwise there would have been no need for Master Chief!

2) Metroid
As seen in: Metroid series

Like The Flood, Metroid, particularly in their floating larval stage, are insatiable feeders, and will cling onto any unlucky soul who happens to pass by in their lair. Once they attach themselves to a host, their powerful mandibles make them almost impossible to remove, until they’ve sucked out all the life force out of their victim. They’re even more resilient than The Flood too, as they are impervious to most weapons, and are extremely adaptive. Some of them even grow up to be big, bad bosses such as the one in the video below.


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